Monday, 13 January 2014

Palmat Bears

Palmat Bears     HB pencil, photoshop

Another traditional/digital combination. Not saying that I'm really getting better at it, but I do think I'm learning. Now back to basics, to fill in the blanks, before I'm running off making stuff I don't fully understand yet. As always, thanks for visiting, and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Moon Man

The Moon Man     HB pencil, photoshop

Once a year when darkness falls
The moon won’t answer evening calls

Hidden in the dark he stays
So the Moon Man takes his place

He blows his thumb and floats up high
Untill he reaches the starlit sky

From there he listens to children’s wishes
that’s what he’s supposed to do

If one is special and from the heart
he makes that wish come true.

Blowing stars to down below
descending soft and slow

He smiles as he feels ground again
When the sun decides to show.

For those of you who remember the black and white drawing I've posted long ago.. I finally got around coloring it! And I made a rhyme to match! So, here it is, let me know what you think!

I'm thinking about making a small children's book of this, hand drawn, and hand colored.

Saturday, 13 July 2013


Green Stink Bug & Spirit     photoshop

Back from Scotland! Been there for three weeks, so I haven't been posting for a while, as you can see.

Here's a new one for you! It's a Green stink bug, and it's spirit once it dies. There are a lot of animals on Pandarah, this is just one of them. This could just be the start of a project involving insects, and maybe a whole lot of other animals as well. I don't know if they'll all be like this, or more sketchy. I'm keeping it close to the Mango style for now.

I'll keep you updated!



Monday, 10 June 2013

Mango ›› Luna

Luna     photoshop

The last one of the bunch, Luna! She is, like Bibi, a rat. Only she's a bit smaller, and younger. The crew found her lost in the woods, and decided to take her with them.

I'm sorry that I can't offer you any details about where she's from. That's because, well, we do not know anything about her. And she appears to be suffering from severe memory loss, so it's a tough nut to crack to say the least.

But who knows, we might learn more about her in the future!

So, now you've met them all! I think it's time to show you the world they live in, right? Keep it here on Pandarah for more on Project Mango!

Also, check out my DeviantArt account here, which I'm filling up with artwork as well. Also, journals are coming soon!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Mango ›› Rafiki

Rafiki     photoshop

Say hello to Rafiki! This guy actually started his life as an ordinary African Pygmy Hedgehog. He became an anthro later on in his life, after his master died..

After he drank the potion, he fled outside, getting weaker and weaker immediately. He crawled up under a tree, hiding from the storm that roared over the lands that night...

-Years later-

Rafiki became known across the lands, the deserts, and even overseas people had heard of him. Except, he was known under the name of his master, who was still considered alive and well. That way, Rafiki himself remained anonymous. Working as a medicine man, he lived a shallow but satisfied life. However, he was also highly skilled in white magic, black magic, vodun, and much, much more. Such sorcerers are bound to be destined for something greater than the life he lived for so long...

As always, let me know what you think, and keep an eye out for number five tomorrow!



Saturday, 8 June 2013

Mango ›› Bibi & Fib

Bibi & Fib     photoshop

Third one's up! You've all been able to see Bibi and Fib before, but here's the full sheet! The origin part is bigger than previous ones, and they're still WIP. That's because all of the stories are still early development stages. Here's a bit of backstory for you.

"You're a long way from home now girls! Whuaha ha ha ha!" Loud screaming followed. Then a hit on the back of her head, and everything went black.
When she woke up, her sister was facedown on the floor. She had no pulse.. Tears rolled over Bibi's cheek as she picked up her sister's body, and carried it home on her back.. She swore to their mother, that she would find the guys responsible for this, and took off that very same day.

After weeks of travelling, news came that her mother was very sick. The death of her youngest daughter was to much, she couldn't bare the pain. Bibi had heard of a tortoise witchdoctor across the desert, so she headed east. It's when she got there, that her quest began to expand to a whole other level. Nothing could have prepared her for what was down the road...

Next one will be up tomorrow in the afternoon!
Thanks for checking this out, and let me know what you think!



Monday, 3 June 2013

Mango ›› Mosem

Mosem     photoshop

This big fellow is Mosem. read the short version of his life down here.

When he grew older, his father told him why he was different from other people in town. 

The old man was once a hiking enthusiast like no other person out there. He would walk for months before returning home again. Not able to settle down with one of the women from his town, he lived his life alone. But he always wanted a son..

The blizzard was roaring through the mountains, and he could barely see his hands. He heard loud moaning in the distance! He ran up there, nearly falling down a steep cliff! He could not believe what he found in the snow. The stories where true...

Mosem grew up to be a strong, friendly youngster. But when puberty hit, he started having these rage attacks. He would turn monstrous in an instance, with no telling when or why. His father taught him to control this, but people could not help but be afraid of him since...

Well, that's it for now! I'm not going to spoil everything just yet!

Coming up next: Bibi!

Oo, and before I forget.. Whatever you do, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT piss this guy off!